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Welcome to the UCSB Wellness Challenges Dashboard! Proudly brought to you by the UCSB Department of Health & Wellness. Here you can find ALL of our student wellness challenges that can improve your health and well-being. 

Gaucho Wellness Challenge An all-encompassing challenge that introduces you to a well-balanced lifestyle that includes 8 unique categories of wellness! You'll get Wellness Points for participating in free campus events each quarter for chances to win great give-aways like a Kindle Fire Stick, FitBit, or a Hydroflask! We've partnered with The Department of Recreation, Life Of the Party, Counseling & Psychological Services, Alcohol & Drug Program, and Graduate Student Association to bring you even MORE ways to earn Wellness Points!

Gaucho Sleep Challenge is a week-long challenge that can help IMPROVE your sleep habits so you can perform optimally with your academics, boost your social life, and bolster your health!

UCSB Happiness Challenge Learn about the health benefits of gratitude and positive psychology. Delve into the practice incorporating life-changing skills and habits that will improve your well-being and happiness.

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Best of all? its all FREE to you, Gauchos! Be well. Connect, Grow, & Thrive. 


UCSB's Department of Health & Wellness


Upcoming Wellness Point Opportunities


Winter Hibernation Station (Nap Station)
january 30, 2018


Lawn between Ellison & North Hall


As part of Gaucho Sleep Week, stop by and recharge your body and smart phone at our Winter Hibernation station/Nap Station with a quick, 20-minute nap! Before you nestle in on one of our outdoor air beds, take your #8hourselfie and get extra points on the Gaucho Sleep Challenge!


Photo by StephanieFrey/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by StephanieFrey/iStock / Getty Images

PLay Hard, Eat hard
Februrary 12, 2018


SRB, Multipurpose Room


Tired of repetitive, bland meals fueling your workouts? Join us for a new take on what it means to eat efficiently without sacrificing flavor! Presented by UCSB Athletics and Health & Wellness.


Gaucho Sleep Week Kick-off event
Februrary 8, 2018


SRB, Multipurpose Room


Pre-register from the Gaucho Sleep Challenge and learn more about events during Sleep Week! Free food, games, prizes. Come see what the Gaucho Sleep Challenge is about!